Green District

Yes, we are called to help take care of the planet… cooperating with God as a sign for future generations… to be seen to be ‘green’!
We believe the Church can help make a difference. The East Anglia District has adopted a policy: “So loving the world”, and churches around the Norwich Circuit are beginning to monitor our use of precious energy resources.

But we can all do our bit. Everyone can help. Here are a few hints and suggestions to help save our environment (and reduce your costs)!
How many of these steps can you take?

• Use car less, and use public transport more
• Walk more, or cycle more
• Holiday abroad less, and holiday locally more
• buy fairly-traded goods wherever possible
• Buy local goods, support local shops and check the ‘food-miles-travelled’
• Use energy saving bulbs, turn off appliances, and stop using stand-by
• Check and improve home insulation, turn down thermostats and wear more warm clothing
• Use less water, only boil as much as you need for a cuppa
• Recycle as much as possible
• Compost as much as possible, and grow as much as possible
• join a local ‘green’ group and support the cause
• Start a local “e-Community” in your own neighbourhood to help encourage and promote these ideas

Churches can also work collectively to help, by:

• Becoming an “eco-congregation”
• Carrying out an energy audit for local church premises
• Seeing how many of the personal lifestyle changes (listed above) can be applied to the church’s life
• Making links with local environmental groups and taking part in local initiatives
• Setting up a church group to focus upon green issues
• Becoming actively involved with the District-wide initiative, “So loving the world”, and starting a local neighbourhood group to explore the theology and spirituality behind it.

You may wish to join in with this, or may feel you’d like to get something started. Why not ask at at any of our local churches?
Or… see what some of our young people are doing to stem the tide of climate change.

Together, we can make a difference.